UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services)

UNOPS provides infrastructure, procurement and project management services for a more sustainable world. Firmly grounded in UN values, we ensure our partners maximize the positive impact of their peace and security, humanitarian and development projects. Equality, inclusiveness, sustainability and resilience form the foundations of our work.

UNOPS supports the UN family, governments and other partners in their efforts to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability is at the forefront of UNOPS work around the world. Our partners call on us to supplement their own capacities, improve efficiency and transparency, reduce risks, boost cost-effectiveness and ensure quality.

By providing infrastructure, procurement and project management services, we support climate action, build resilience, and foster equality and inclusion to better serve communities in need.

July 2023: UNOPS' Executive Director Jorge Moreira da Silva speaking at 'Rebuilding Energy Infrastructure in Ukraine' conference at UN City Copenhagen

UNOPS in UN City
UNOPS’ global headquarters is located in UN City where around 400 personnel provide oversight and guidance in procurement, project management, infrastructure, financial management and human resources-related activities.

In addition to supporting its offices worldwide, UNOPS headquarters in Copenhagen also provides a range of administrative services and functions to advance the work of the organization and its partners.

Through its work, UNOPS strives to achieve gender equality and inclusion – in its workforce, through its projects and in the communities it serves.

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