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Would you like to visit the United Nations in Copenhagen? Are you interested in learning about the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the 10 resident agencies in UN City?

In UN City, we offer Friday guided tours, presentations and workshops for organisations, and school visits. Read more about the different visiting options below:

Friday Guided Tours

Every Friday at 2pm, we offer free public guided tours in UN City to anyone interested in learning about the United Nations. Our guided tours will introduce you to the work of the UN, the 10 resident UN agencies working in UN City, the importance of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the sustainable features of the building.

Presentations & Workshops for Organisations

UN City hosts presentations and workshops for companies, non-profit organisations, and other groups interested in the Sustainable Development Goals or agency-specific mandates.

School Visits

UN City’s school service, YOUNGintroduces students to the UN and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through different themes, which transform the students into active and engaged global citizens. We teach students aged 6–20, roughly corresponding the Danish primary school and upper secondary school ages.

UN City’s visitor centre for schools,

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