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Primary School Visits

As the UN City visitor centre for schools, YOUNG introduces students to the UN and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through different themes that transform the students into active and engaged global citizens.

On this page you can book one of our themes and a visit for students 1st to 10th grade. Students from upper secondary school and vocational school level should book via this site.

Please note that parts of the booking system are in Danish. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail.


Read about our themes for students in primary school and book your visits in the box to the right.


From 1st through 10th grade

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Are your students unfamiliar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? If so, we highly recommend considering booking our tailored introduction sessions. The sessions ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the SDGs, their origins, interconnections, and their significance in a global and Danish perspective

During a session, students will delve into discussions and activities designed to get them time to reflect on how vital it is for the world to work together with other countries to solve the issues, we have in front of us. They’ll discover who does what within the UN building and gain insight into global issues and the actions taken by the UN to address them. Whether your students are elementary, middle, or high school level, our sessions are designed to spark curiosity and foster understanding of global challenges and solutions.

Climate Action

From 1st through 10th grade

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SDG 13 Climate action

Global warming is a topic often discussed in the media, but what is it exactly and what should we do about it? The overall goal of all visits is for students to gain a better understanding of what climate change is and how the UN addresses the issue.

Through group work, games, or exercises we dive into what global warming means around the world, thus bridging the gap between what happens in students’ everyday lives and what happens in the world at large.

Zero Hunger

From 1st through 3rd grade

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Zero Huger SDG 2
Zero Huger SDG 2

Not all children go to bed with full stomachs. In the theme of hunger, students will gain knowledge and understanding of what hunger is, why some people experience it, and how it affects their health.

This theme is specifically designed for primary school students, and their knowledge will be built through stories and games that engage different senses and are tailored to their age group.

Reduced Inequalities

From 4th through 10th grade

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Reducing inequality is a significant theme that underpins many of the Sustainable Development Goals, and therefore, we will address various issues presented by the SDGs.

Through a variety of activities and presentations, the theme of reducing inequality will introduce students to various issues related to economic inequality. Students will gain insight into both the challenges presented by the SDGs and how the UN operates in practice.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

From 4th through 10th grade

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This theme addresses topics such as conflict and peace, touching on challenges like displacement and migration. In the theme of security and peace, students will, among other activities, engage in conflict resolution exercises, gaining insight into the complexity of global conflict resolution and how the UN addresses it.

Moreover, the theme will provide students with an understanding of contemporary refugee flows, differentiating between refugees and migrants, and exploring the underlying reasons for leaving one’s homeland.


Grades taught

  • 1st through 10th grade

Timing and Duration

  • The session lasts for 2 hours and starts either at 9:30, 10:00, 12:30, or 13:00.
  • Check available times in our booking system.
  • Please note that it’s unfortunately not possible to have lunch in UN City, but there is a 10-minute break for a snack.


  • Students are not expected to have prior knowledge about the UN or the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • If students have worked with the SDGs before, we recommend choosing a theme other than ‘Introduction’.

Security check

  • All guests must go through a security check similar to those in an airport.
  • Prior to your visit, you must provide a list of names of all students and teachers participating.
  • Students in 6th to 10th grade must bring their health insurance card for presentation during the security check. The health insurance card can be presented physically or through the official health insurance card app.
  • Students in 1st to 5th grade are exempt from presenting their health insurance card.
  • All adults must present valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.


  • Please feel free to contact us if your class or students have special needs, so we can do our best to accommodate your needs/wishes.
  • UN City is wheelchair accessible, and it’s possible to enter and move around the building in a wheelchair.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, we accept a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 30 participants per visit.
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