Looking to spice up your student’s learning journey with a touch of sustainability and global awareness? We got you covered!

YOUNG welcomes students with various educational backgrounds from STX, HF, HTX, HHX, EUX, EUD, FGU, STU,  etc.

Our visits are free of charge and offer a glimpse into the world of sustainable development, the United Nations, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It’s an opportunity to learn and engage as global citizens through interactive activities and themed discussions.

Each visit caters to one class or group of 15-30 students. Plus, if English is your preferred language, no problem! We can conduct all sessions in English for international classes or students with advanced language skills.

Interested? Check out the themes and book your visit below. And if you need assistance, feel free to reach out via email. We can’t wait to host you at UN City for an enriching experience!

See you soon! 🌍✨


Read about our themes for youth education programs and make a booking through our system on the far right. All students receive a thorough introduction to the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals, and a tour of UN City. A visit thus includes classroom instruction, a tour, a break, and finally, a creative activity where the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability come into play.

The Sustainable Development Goals in a Global Context

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Everyone can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, but how is that contribution different for families in Denmark, Nigeria, Brazil, or Nepal?

In addition to a thorough introduction to the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals, students in youth education programs here have the opportunity to work creatively on how the Sustainable Development Goals are utilized in different, and sometimes very similar, ways around the world. The visit includes classroom instruction, a tour, and finally, an extended, creative activity in groups with the opportunity for presentations.

From Farm to Fork

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The journey from farm to fork can be long and challenging for a food item, and it can have a significant impact on all the people and places it passes through. Perhaps its production is associated with a massive CO2 emissions, modern slavery, deforestation in the rainforest, or something else entirely?

This visit focuses on food waste, working conditions, and the carbon footprint associated with the food industry by teaching students about the supply chain from farm to fork. The visit includes classroom instruction, a tour, and finally, a creative role-playing activity in groups where students act as executives of a food company tasked with making the journey from farm to fork more sustainable by incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Consumption and Production

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Responsible consumption and production 

How many countries, lives, and liters of fossil fuels are needed to produce a pair of sneakers? And can it be done more sustainably?

In addition to an introduction to the UN, a thorough overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, and a tour of UN City, students here have the opportunity to work creatively with the Sustainable Development Goals as a tool to develop more sustainable production methods worldwide. The visit includes classroom instruction, a tour, and finally, a creative role-playing activity in groups where students act as executives in a shoe company tasked with making their company more sustainable by integrating the Sustainable Development Goals across their entire business.


Grades taught  

  • Upper secondary school and vocational school level

Timing and Duration

  • The session lasts for 2.5 hours and starts either at 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Check available times in our booking system.
  • Please note that it’s unfortunately not possible to have lunch in UN City, but there is a 10-minute break for a snack.


  • Students are not expected to have prior knowledge about the UN or the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Prior to your visit, you must send a list with the names of all participants.
  • All guests must go through a security check similar to those at airports.
  • Everyone must present ID at the security check. If you are under 18 years old, you can present your health insurance card physically or through the health insurance card app, while everyone over 18 years old must present photo ID.


  • Please feel free to contact us if your class or students have special needs, so we can do our best to accommodate your needs/wishes.
  • UN City is wheelchair accessible, and it is possible to enter and move around the building in a wheelchair.
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