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  • The protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS

UNICEF in Copenhagen

Operating out of UN City Campus 2, UNICEF in Copenhagen boasts the following impressive statistics:

  • UNICEF procures vaccines for 38 per cent of the world’s children.
  • UNICEF’s warehouse located in Copenhagen is the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse.
  • UNICEF’s Supply Division in Copenhagen is home to product innovation for children. It includes an Innovation Lab where partners from public and private sectors, academia, science and design work together to innovate new life-saving items for children, women, and health workers to use.
  • In response to emergencies, UNICEF in Copenhagen ensures that the first plane load of life-saving supplies reach the affected country within 72 hours. In 2013, 362,000 emergency kits were packed and shipped from Supply Division.
  • Supply Division is host to many guests who want to learn about and put the spotlight on important children’s issues. In 2013, Supply Division hosted over 6,400 visitors, including suppliers, UNICEF and other UN staff, media, donors, UNICEF Ambassadors, government and corporate partners, UNICEF National Committees, logistics students, etc.

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