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  • Democratic governance
  • Poverty reduction
  • Crisis prevention and recovery
  • Environment and energy
  • Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Empowering women

Nordic operations in Copenhagen

The agency has several headquarter functions located in Copenhagen including its Staff Administrative Services (SAS), which supports UNDP globally and up to nine other UN agencies with HR and payroll services; the Office of Information Systems and Technology (OIST) provides ICT advisory services to UNDP country offices worldwide while the Procurement Support Office (PSO) runs complete procurement solutions, training, advisory services and e-solutions. In addition, UNDP hosts the UN Common Services at the UN City.


UNDP’s Nordic Representation Office (NRO) is also located in Copenhagen. Its role is to inform and raise awareness of UNDP’s mandate, work and results in promoting sustainable human development. NRO serves as a liaison office between UNDP headquarters in New York and the Nordic donor governments and as a communication office. NRO seeks to reach and engage stakeholders and the broader public through media coverage, public events, presentations and study tours, as well as through cooperation with development actors in the Nordic countries including civil society, research institutes, think tanks and the private sector. Approximately 180 UNDP employees are located in Copenhagen making it the second largest UNDP hub outside of its headquarters in New York.

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