Kulturnatten 2022

On October 14, you are cordially invited to UN City Copenhagen for Culture Night 2022!

This year, you can explore exhibitions on the Sustainable Development Goals, Grarup x UNICEF, the Climate Emergency, and more. There will be various SDG games and we will also be hosting expert talks from the field. You can meet and talk with agency representatives in three thematic lounges: Climate & Sustainability, People on the Move, and Health, Education & Women. If you would like to discover all the sustainability-centred design features of UN City, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of our guided tours.

17:00 Doors Open
17:00–23:00Visit our thematic areas to meet and talk with UN agency representatives:
Climate & Sustainability – Atlantic Ocean Lounge – meet with UNDP, UNEP, UNOPS, WFP
People on the Move – Pacific Ocean Lounge – meet with IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNFPA
Health, Education & Women – Indian Ocean Lounge – meet with UN Women, UNFPA
17:30–22:20Take part in one of our guided tours of UN City, scheduled every 30 minutes. The meeting point will be indicated in the Lobby area and the tour will last approx. 20 minutes.
17:30–18:30Experience a UN City Choir performance.

Join one of our auditorium panel talks with experts from the field:
18.30 – UNFPA Supply Chain – “UNFPA Humanitarian Response in Ukraine”
19.20 – United Nations Environment Programme –”The Global Plan of Action on Energy in Situations of Displacement: achieving 1 x SDG for 1% of the world’s population”
World Food Programme and UNFPA Nordic Office – “A world of 8 billion – food for thought”

Note: Entry to UN City will be possible until 22:30. The event will close at 23:00.

Thanks to our canteen team, refreshments will be available on demand (food, hot and cold beverages).

Participation does not require prior sign-up, but please remember to buy a Culture Night Pass. More information about purchasing a pass can be found here. Please also note that all visitors to UN City must go through a mandatory security check (much like at the airport).

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