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UN City has officially opened its doors to primary school children.

#UNCity4schools introduces students aged 6-15 to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals through six different themes that include different games and activities that transform the students into active and engaged global citizens.

As an educator, you can bring your class to #UNCity4Schools as a part of a theme about the Sustainable Development Goals or the UN, but you are also free to visit us without you or your students having any prior knowledge of the UN or the Sustainable Development Goals.

All visits are two hours long and are always free of charge. Read more about our different themes and book your visit below.

For students older than 15 years old, please book your visit through Group tours here.

Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals

Theme for the 1st – 9th grade

Learn more about all of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030! This theme is an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals for students who do not know them. During your visit, we will talk about where the goals came from, and we will discuss why they are important and how we can work to achieve the goals.


Theme for 1st – 9th grade

How is our planet doing? This theme  will provide students with insight into how climate change affects people around the planet, what the UN does to improve our environment.


Theme for 1st – 3rd grade

It is not all children who go to bed without feeling hungry. This theme is made for the youngest students, who will be given an opportunity to learn about hunger and health through games and stories.


Theme for 4th – 9th grade

What is poverty? This theme gives students knowledge on the limitations that poverty creates and how this can affect both your upbringing and adult life.

Peace and Security

Theme for 4th – 9th grade

This theme is about subjects such as peace, conflict, flight and migration, and it provide the students with the opportunity to discuss their own understanding of peace and learn more about current conflicts and situations, and the UN’s presence.

Reduced Inequalities

Theme for 7th – 9th grade

Reduced Inequalities is a big theme, which will touch upon many of the goals. The students will be given the chance to discuss different dilemmas and problems of inequality and present their discussions and solutions to each other.

All visits must be booked through our booking portal

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