United Nations

© UNICEF/Mary Gelman A coder in Kigali, Rwanda designs apps to encourage savings and financial independence.

MINUSMA/Gema Cortes – UN peacekeepers patrol the Ménaka region in eastern Mali, an area where terrorist groups operate.

© WFP/Viktor Pesenti – Destroyed Residential Building in Dnipro, Ukraine (file photo).

© UNICEF/Kim – Rechargeable solar lamps are helping girls study after sunset in Chad.

© Michele Cattani A soldier on the lookout in northern Burkina Faso (file)

© Unsplash/Colin Lloyd An anti-racism protest takes place in Colorado, USA. (file)

© Unsplash/Clyde Thomas – An oil rig in Cape Town, South Africa.

UN Photo – Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) with Pope Benedict XVI at UN Headquarters in April 2008. UN Photo/Mark Garten

© UNFPA/Georgina Goodwin – UNFPA supports programmes to accelerate the abandonment of female genital mutilation in Kenya

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