20 July 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership: Focus on efficient cooling in post-pandemic recovery plans

Copenhagen 17 July, 2020 The Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis Report, which launches today, estimates that some 3.6 billion cooling appliances are currently in use worldwide. Yet, if cooling is provided to everyone who needs it – and not just those who can afford it – this would require as many as 14 billion cooling [...]

9 June 2020

Gender lens essential to addressing linked climate change and security crises, urges joint UN report

Nairobi and New York, 9 June 2020 – As countries reel from the devastating social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, gender inequality is shaping the experience of crisis, as well as prospects for resilience and recovery. A new report – Gender, Climate & Security: Sustaining Inclusive Peace on the Frontlines of Climate [...]

28 May 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership: Virtual conference seeks climate and sustainable development synergies

Copenhagen, 27 May 2020 UNEP DTU Partnership has been invited to organise a session on transparency in the upcoming Climate and SDGs Synergies Conference 2020. Through three in-depth webinars, UNEP DTU Partnership joins a diverse range of experts and practitioners to delve in to, how countries and stakeholders leverage climate & SDGs synergies for their efforts [...]

15 May 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership: Mediterranean municipalities in street lighting exercise

Copenhagen, 14 May 2020 The Mediterranean local communities play a key role in the energy transition. Cities are in the best position to take actions on the ground and to meet local needs in order to address pressing challenges related to growing energy demand, the climate emergency, and the need to find innovative and [...]

12 May 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership join the Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network

Copenhagen, 6 May 2020 UNEP DTU Partnership has joined the Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network, a network that seeks to engage initiatives and entities at local, national, regional, and global levels to support capacity-building efforts for greater climate action. Since 2015, the Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB) has worked to overcome current and emerging gaps and needs [...]

2 May 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership: Ensuring green finance flows

Copenhagen, 29 April 2020 In the struggle to curb global emissions and adapt to the already devastating effects of climate change, we cannot reach our common goals without green finance and investments on a massive scale. Now, with the support of UNEP DTU Partnership, one of Denmark’s biggest investors in developing countries, the Danish Investment [...]

27 April 2020

UNEP DTU Partnership joins climate collabathon

Copenhagen, 24 April 2020 PhD Fellow at UNEP DTU Partnership, Marco Schletz is heading up a prompt developing a Climate Bond Platform using blockchain technology, during the Yale Open Innovation Lab Climate Collabathon taking place this week (April 22-26th). The prompt will develop a platform for real-time monitoring the impact of tokenized climate bond projects by creating [...]

3 April 2020

UNEP x DTU Partnership: New Regional Technology Brief Africa

Copenhagen, 2 April 2020 Africa is among the most vulnerable continents to climate change. By 2030, it is projected that between 75 and 250 million people on the continent will be exposed to increased water stress due to climate change. Enhancing the development, transfer and uptake of climate technology is a key pillar of [...]

8 April 2019

New coalition to tackle cooling blind spot

8 April 2019 - As global temperatures rise and the growing energy demands of air conditioning threaten to emit more greenhouse gases, over 20 leaders committed to a new global effort on clean and efficient cooling. The commitments mark the launch of the Cool Coalition, aimed at making a positive impact on climate change, [...]