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plus an additional category, Innovation in Design. UN City in Copenhagen was awarded the LEED certification on December 26, 2013.

While “sustainable” and “green” have become sort of buzzwords, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what the UN City will actually do that other buildings don’t, and how this will affect our way of working and living within it. Click on the categories above to learn more about the concrete environmental features of UN City.

The future looks bright green

In 2013, UN Copenhagen staff has moved into a building which is indeed very “green”. Does it mean that the job is done, and the UN City will be “green” forever? Not really. Now that the UN has taken over the building, our behaviour as responsible users plays a major role: from how agencies operate and maintain the systems, down to individual actions.

UN City has furthermore contributed with an article on the energy efficiency in UN City for State of Green’s White Paper on Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings, showcasing best practices from Denmark and elsewhere. The aim of the White Paper is to inspire an international audience e.g. at COP21 in Paris to follow the good examples in building green and smart buildings.

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