Visit UN City on Culture Night on October 11

Copenhagen, 30 September 2019 

On 11th of October this year, UN City invites you to come and meet the 11 UN agencies resident in UN City Copenhagen. Coming off the C40 Major Summit, which is held in Copenhagen 9-12 October, we are using the topic of the Summit in our Culture Night event this year, focusing on “Live like tomorrow – creating the world we want” in all our activities.

Thus, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about what UN does to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in four different areas.

Area 1: Refugees & Migration
Today, 70 million people are forced to flee. Worldwide, the number of refugees and migrants is increasing. Stop by and learn about how UN works with protection of migrant and refugee rights. Experience up close the cost-effective and sustainable Refugee Housing Unit, see how UN provides education to refugee areas through “school-in-a-box” and get an eye-opening insight to life in a refugee camp through Virtual Reality (VR) goggles.

Area 2: Climate & Hunger
Millions of people are affected by climate change which, among others, leads to hunger. In a world where we produce enough food for everyone, one out of nine still go to bed hungry every night. Explore how UN addresses these challenges through, among others, hydroponics plants and climate resilient infrastructure. You can also watch the new innovation and technology by yourself through VR goggles!

Area 3: Education, Health & Women’s Rights
How do we ensure quality education, gender equality and sexual and reproductive health among women? Hear employees in UN City tell about how they work to ensure children’s education, health and women’s rights worldwide. See a real birthing doll, explore UN’s WASH kits and get a look at the new handicap toilets provided to crisis areas.

Area 4: Inequality & Partnerships
Find out how UN strengthens partnerships across countries, corporations and NGOs, so we can create more justice societies with less poverty and inequality, in a way so no one is left behind.

We look forward to welcoming you at Culture Night 2019 on 11 October from 18-22 at UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen!

Please note that all visitors to UN City must go through a mandatory security check, consisting of a baggage scan/examination and a personal scan (much like at the airport). Therefore, you will need to bring a photo-ID in order to enter our premises. Objects classified as weapons, appearing as weapons or that could be used as weapons are not permitted inside the UN City perimeter.

Please remember to buy a Culture Pass. Find more information on where to buy your Culture Pass here.