Procurement that creates positive change

Copenhagen, March 14, 2018: The United Nations annual procurement volume of $18 billion USD not only creates change for the world’s poor, benefiting from purchased vaccine, contraception, emergency shelters, etc.; the United Nations also influences the supplier market in a positive direction.

When the United Nations system collaborates on purchasing goods and services, lower prices can be achieved, higher quality standards are met and demand for more sustainable production are set.

For example, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund – the world’s largest procurer of contraception for public funds – has actively contributed to condom suppliers making their production more sustainable. All UNFPA suppliers of condoms now live up to the ISO 14000 standard.

United Nations organizations are increasingly taking advantage of these opportunities through joint procurement and joint long-term agreements. The cooperation has also led to easier access for suppliers to the United Nations system. Establishment of the United Nations Global Marketplace, UNGM (, provides suppliers with direct access to the United Nations system and a wealth of information about the United Nations’ procurement.

Joint procurement of goods and services have saved the United Nations large sums. The savings mean that the UN can reach even more people and strengthen efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the international community in 2015.

Eric Dupont, Chief of UNFPA’s global procurement office in Copenhagen, states, “We buy goods and services together, share information about purchases between us, and streamline our procurement policies, all in order to improve our efficiency and make the most of every single dollar, which we get from our donors – and thus from taxpayers – to reach the SDGs.”

The United Nations High Level Committee on Management Procurement Network (HLCM-PN) is working to strengthen cooperation on procurement in the United Nations. Twice a year, the United Nations’ Heads of Procurement meet to see progress and future opportunities. The first meeting in 2018 will take place in UN City in Copenhagen on Wednesday, March 14th.

Further information on the United Nations system’s joint procurement can be found in the United Nations Annual Statistical Report on Procurement and at

Contact: Kerry Kassow +45 4533 6054 for further information and for interview with Eric Dupont, Chief, UNFPA Procurement Services Branch and Chairman of the HLCM Procurement Network.