250 representatives visited the UN City for a Global Goals seminar

What are the Sustainable Development Goals all about? And how can these goals be integrated in the activities at the People’s Political Festival on Bornholm 2019? Those were the questions discussed at a seminar in the UN City Tuesday 29 January 2019.

More than 250 representatives from organizations, municipalities and business communities in Denmark participated in the Global Goals seminar to get inspiration on how to incorporate the 17 goals in their activities at the People’s Political Festival which this year has the Global Goals as its main theme.

“The Global Goals are not just the UN’s. They are yours and mine. We decide whether they become more than visions. Therefore, it is important that we use the People’s Political Festival to create a joint narrative that we all can make a difference for our globe with the Sustainable Development Goals in mind,” Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen said in his opening speech.

The program of the day included panel discussions, speeches and a ‘Global Goals Market,’ where the participants had the opportunity to shop around a number of stands to get answers on specific questions about the Global Goals.

One of those who participated in the seminar was Carl Johan Wessel Knaack, Senior Investment Officer in Alm. Brand:

‘We would like to think more of the Global Goals into the investments we make, so it has been really great to get a more in-depth knowledge of the Global Goals. We are currently discussing what activities and debates we will have at the People’s Political Festival so it was nice to brainstorm on ideas with the other participants,” he explains.