Culture Night in UN City

1 October 2014 – On Culture Night 2014, UN City will open its doors to the public and give you a chance to take part in the work of the United Nations for a day. The 9 UN agencies currently working in UN City will present themselves and their work in tangible and interesting exhibitions.

The 16 development themes that are currently being discussed to replace the current Millennium Development Goals after 2015 will be presented on the night. The public will even get a chance to influence the agenda by voting for which themes they think should be prioritized by casting their MyWorld votes.

A lot of interactive activities will be set up that will give an in-depth understanding of the post-2015 development agenda, for children and adults alike. The activities will include fun interactive games, videos and even a simulation of the Security Council. Equipment from the field will also be presented – from tents that house refugee families and equipment that can make dirty water drinkable to the nutrition being used to victims of conflict and natural disasters.