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Water efficiency: taps

Reducing daily water consumption is a priority at UN City. Innovative aerators have been placed in the taps in kitchens, toilets, and showers throughout the building. These low-flow taps spread the stream of water into a spray of droplets, reducing water usage. Aerators, low-flush toilets and rainwater capture systems reduce the building’s overall water use by over 60%.

Water efficiency: toilets

Toilets in UN City are flushed an estimated 5,300 times a day. To reduce the municipal water needed for this, UN City captures run-off rainwater from the roof. Pipes gather the available rainwater and lead it to eight underground collection tanks, where it is filtered and pumped into the plumbing system. Municipal water will only be used for flushing during extreme dry periods when there is not enough rainwater stored, greatly reducing consumption compared to a normal system.

Water efficiency: rainwater

Pipes on the roof will allow UN City to capture almost 3,000,000 litres of rainwater annually, on average. This is almost enough to flush the entire building’s toilets for a year, reducing the need for municipal water. Using innovative taps and toilets as well as reused rainwater leads to a 61% reduction in water use in the building’s toilets, kitchens and showers.

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