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Energy efficiency: winning awards

In 2012, UN City won an EU GreenBuilding Award for New Buildings, after cutting its predicted energy consumption by more than half. With energy use under 50 kWh/m2 a year, the building was granted a Low-Energy Class 1 rating, the most energy efficient according to the Danish building code. UN City also received all possible points for the energy efficiency credit of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system.

Sustainable energy: solar power

More than 1,400 solar panels are lining the roof of UN City to support the goal of generating renewable energy onsite. With an estimated total production of 297,000 kWh/year, this significantly reduces the electricity needed from the grid. The panels have been placed on a 15° angle to optimize sun access, taking into account monthly sun peak altitudes and other local meteorological and seasonal factors.

Energy efficiency: temperature regulation   

UN City benefits from a range of green innovations to regulate indoor temperature, including:

  • Cold seawater pumped into the building’s cooling system, almost entirely eliminating the need for electricity to power the cooling cycle.
  • Sophisticated solar shades on the building’s facade, which can be opened and closed to either trap or reflect the sun’s heat.

UN personnel will be able to control their local office temperature via their computers, due to an integrated Building Management System.

Energy efficiency: optimizing performance  

UN City has been designed to use at least 55% less energy than expected from a similar-sized office building. This is possible thanks to a number of energy-saving features, such as elevators that recover energy during braking, as well as other eco-friendly features that cut the energy used for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation. To ensure that the building’s energy performance is optimized, energy consumption is continuously measured and assessed, taking into account weather and occupancy levels.

Other environmental features of UN City