#UNCityzens: Interns appreciate social and open environment of UN City

The organisations of UN City offer a wide range of internships. Students from all over the world and with different educational backgrounds spend semesters here getting to know the United Nations from the inside. We caught one such student on the way out and one on the way in to a talk about being a UN City intern.

Inspiration for studies and social rewards

Frederikke Leth, who studies Global Studies at Lund University, has just completed her internship in UNDP after six months:

“It has been everything I expected it to be. Challenging, instructive and very rewarding. I have had other jobs, so I felt confident about solving the tasks, but it was still a different experience. The role of this office is different from what I have tried before,” she explains.

After finishing her internship, Frederikke returns to the university in Lund to write her master’s thesis.

“This internship has inspired me to write my thesis on the UN’s cooperation with the private sector. As an intern in UNDP, I have not only learned about this organisation, but also gained insights from all of the organisations housed in UN City, which I can now use for my thesis. Besides this, what has been most rewarding is the social experience. I already miss my former co-intern, and I have really appreciated the open social environment here.”

The newcomer: The UN with a human expression

Facing the beginning of her internship in UNDP is Catharina Høgdal who studies cand.merc.com. at Copenhagen Business School. With a specialty in CSR and a minor in sustainability from the Technical University of Denmark, UNDP seemed like the right place for her:

“I was aware of UN City and the organisations it houses. With its broad mandate UNDP contains both of my interests: sustainability and humanitarian issues.”

Catharina Høgdal explains how she is looking forward to the next six months:

“I am looking forward to all the challenges and meeting the people working here. Before I got the internship I perceived the UN as something out of my reach, but after having met the people working here I begin to see the UN with a human expression.”

In the next couple of weeks, Catharina Høgdal and her new co-interns will have to adapt to the work environment in UN City. We asked Frederikke Leth if she could give the new interns a good piece of advice:

“When starting a new place with so much going on as here and with all the different organisations, the most important thing is to reach out to the people around you. Ask and talk with as many as possible, it will give you a deeper understanding of what is happening. Also, put an extra effort into the work in the beginning. It will pay off.”

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